A Day in the Life of an
IN-Gauge User

Now that you’ve seen the cutting-edge features, are you wondering how to leverage IN-Gauge in your role?

Watch this video, or read the following examples of how one hotel property leveraged IN-Gauge across various roles within the organization—a front desk agent, manager and executive. You can also hover over the videos to see the team in action!

Meet Dwight—A Front Desk Agent

Before IN-Gauge, Dwight was a below-average performer. He spent his work day staring at the clock and practically sleep walking through customer interactions. Now, after two months of using IN-Gauge, Dwight is highly engaged, passionate about his job, and making more money than ever before! He has reached or exceeded all of his goals so far this quarter. Learn how Dwight uses IN-Gauge to maximize performance throughout his work day.

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Meet Chuck—A Front Office Manager

Chuck has always been a go-getter, but as a new manager, he felt overwhelmed with declining sales, and rarely found time to observe his team’s performance or recognize new opportunities. After getting IN-Gauge, chuck now tracks the performance of every team member in real-time, and analyzes KPIs to identify revenue opportunities. Click below to learn how Chuck uses IN-Gauge to coach his entire team and generate more incremental revenue for his location.

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Meet “The Boss”— An Entrepreneur

The Boss is a successful business owner with dozens of hotel properties worldwide. He was ready to take his business to the next level with more revenue, better service, and higher employee engagement, so he implemented IN-Gauge. Now The Boss can assess all of his properties worldwide, and stratify by country, region and team for an instant report of target progression, sales tracking and incremental revenue on a day-to-day metrics. Click below to learn how The Boss leverages IN-Gauge to propel his business forward.

Read A Day in the Life of an Executive

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