In 2014, Frontline Performance Group (FPG), a change-management consulting firm, developed a proprietary software to collect real-time data analytics at its client locations, and then transform those insights into an actionable strategy to improve the frontline experience. This software, Pulse, served as an internal tool to propel the consulting business to the next level.

After witnessing powerful results, FPG realized the value of Pulse expands beyond its own team; access to this real-time performance data would transform the way managers coach their team, the way employees track their performance, and the way executives stay abreast of the goings on at their various business locations. FPG made the decision to re-design Pulse into a performance management application that clients can integrate into all levels of their organization—from front desk agents to general managers.

During the re-design process, tragedy struck the hometown of FPG headquarters; Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub suffered the largest mass shooting in American history. Devastated by the tragedy, with team members who lost loved ones, FPG made the easy decision to rename the software upon its re-design.

FPG’s mission is to help people realize their full potential, and one result of this effort is an exponential improvement in employee engagement. This inspired the software’s new name: IN-Gauge.

Launched in 2017, IN-Gauge has dramatically improved frontline performance, engagement and incremental revenue at various hotel and car rental locations. Frontline agents can now track and measure their own performance, while managers can identify strengths and weaknesses of each team member, and develop them through personalized coaching. Furthermore, executives can view instant reports of target progression, sales tracking and incremental revenue on day-to-day metrics.

FPG conducted case studies across multiple IN-Gauge client locations, and identified the following statistics:

  • Logging in: Agents who log into IN-Gauge 3-7 times per month outperform those who do not by 300%.
  • Goal Setting: Agents who set a goal produce 105% more than those who do not.
  • Virtual Training: Agents who watched the recommended virtual training videos outperform those who do not by 200%.
  • IN-Gauge IN-Mail: When a manager recognizes an agent via IN-Gauge's messaging platform, that agent shows an average 400% increase in incremental revenue per day.
  • Recognition: When managers recognize an agent using IN-Gauge social features, there is a four-day spike in that agent’s performance.
  • Coaching: Agents participating in at least one coaching session per month double the performance of agents without any coaching sessions.

With a comprehensive view of all performance areas, IN-Gauge removes the noise from data to deliver clear, actionable information for business owners. Request a Demo

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