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Optimize Every Customer Interaction

IN-Gauge is a revenue optimization application that transforms interactions at the most critical touch point in your business—the frontline. The software combines real-time data analytics with a powerful performance management platform to create a better experience for your customers, better rewards for your team, and a better bottom line for you.

Compare the performance of multiple business assets side-by-side, analyze profit contribution of your products and services, understand the KPIs that propel your business, and set top-down goals based on proven results—all instantly, on a day-to-day metrics.

Turn Your Frontline into Revenue Generators

IN-Gauge provides detailed insights for individual and team performances. The software then recommends goals for individual and team performances, pinpoints areas for development, and suggests virtual training videos—all tailored to each employee based on their individual performance.

Frontline agents can track their own performance and see how it compares to the performance of their teammates. They can set goals and monitor the progress, track incentives, and watch e-learning videos—all instantly.

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Elevate Your Managers to Leaders

IN-Gauge teaches managers how to energize, empower and engage their team, while equipping them with the right tools to reach their greatest potential.

With real-time data at their fingertips, managers can analyze employee performance, KPIs and customer behavior to recognize revenue opportunities, as well as develop their team through personalized coaching, training and goal setting.

Stay Connected Anywhere, from Any Device

Receive real-time reports on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, making it easy to maximize revenue and manage performance, regardless of your location.

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